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Welcome Tour

Feb 25, 2014   //   by Michael Fielding   //   Tours  //  Comments Off on Welcome Tour
This tour relates to the Portfolios page.

Welcome to the Hawk IP Dashboard!

This and the other tours will lead you through an overview of the key features of the Hawk IP Dashboard and how to use them. After going through this tour you will know how to navigate around the Dashboard, understand some of its key features, and know how to access further help if you need it.

This tour is best viewed by opening it in the Help tab inside the Hawk IP Dashboard, so the relevant parts on each page can be highlighted at each step. Sign into the Dashboard or create a guest login (no email address is required), then open the Help tab and navigate to the Tours section.
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Your Portfolios

Each Portfolio you’ve created, or which is shared with you, has its own Portfolio tile. Typically an organisation has one Portfolio, which can contain any combination of Inventions (ie patents and utility models), trademarks and designs.

We give every user a Sandbox Portfolio to play in.

You can click on a tile to open that Portfolio.

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Manage Portfolios

You can add more Portfolios over at the Manage Portfolios tab. You can also change settings like their timezone and date format.

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Details & Reminders

The Details & Reminders tab lets you configure weekly or monthly email reminders about Incomplete Actions, for each of your Portfolios.
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Action Maps

Each Portfolio tile has an Action Map, which gives you an instant overview of any Incomplete Actions. Actions are hard deadlines like replying to examiners, or internal deadlines you’ve set like checking a draft.

You’ll see Action Maps in a few places and they always work the same: the arrows along the bottom show when the Actions are due – arrows at the left side are due right now, and arrows on the right are due up to 60 days out.

You can hover over an Action Map to get a list of the Actions.

To carry on with this Tour, open a Portfolio by clicking on its tile.


This is a Portfolio. In day to day use you’ll hardly ever need to leave this screen.

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Every IP Right in a Portfolio belongs to a Family. Rights and Families can have Actions, Notes, and Documents associated with them. You can access all of these from their tabs.

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Edit data in any table by double clicking, double tapping if you’re on a mobile device, or pressing enter if you’re using the keyboard for maximum speed.

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Add & Delete

Add and delete records by clicking the plus or trash can icons above tables.

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Instantly locate what you’re looking for with the Search box, or navigate between pages using the links above each table.

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Drilling down

Drill down into sub tables by double clicking or tapping in cells which have an arrow appear in them when you mouse over them.

Alternatively use the Options menu on each row.

tourTarget=”.dataTables_wrapper:first>.btnCustomize” tourMy=”top left” tourAt=”bottom center”


Configure each table to show exactly which rows and columns you want, and save Views you like for later.

tourTarget=”.dataTables_wrapper:first>.bthDownload” tourMy=”top left” tourAt=”bottom center”


Export tables to a spreadsheet in seconds by clicking the download button.

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Sharing & other Settings

You can share the Portfolio with unlimited other users, set up your own Tags to help you categorise your IP (for example by a market or by technical field), take Snapshots, and see your Actions in Outlook.

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Help icons

If you ever get stuck there are little blue help icons on most pages…

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Help Center

… or you can open the Help Center by clicking on its tab. Look for Reference topics, FAQs, Release Notes and more Tours.

Next steps

That’ the end of this tour, time to get started!

  1. Try editing your Sandbox Portfolio by double clicking a cell?
  2. Take another Tour?

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