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Release 33

Jun 2, 2014   //   by Michael Fielding   //   Release Notes  //  Comments Off on Release 33


  • Fix vertical mis-alignment of Portfolio tiles in iOS and Safari.
  • Rights now have an optional column ‘Effective Date’, which is hidden by default. This is intended to be the date that the Right was effectively legally filed. For example in many countries, the effective date is the PCT filing date, whereas the national phase application may have been filed some time later (e.g. 18 months later).
  • Improved formatting of reminder emails.
  • Behind the scenes improvements, including small performance boosts.

Known Issues

Release 17

Feb 23, 2014   //   by Michael Fielding   //   Release Notes  //  Comments Off on Release 17


  • Rights can now have Classes – the classification of the field that the IP relates to. Several Classes can be assigned to each Right, for example an international classification as well as a local one.

Known Issues


Apr 19, 2012   //   by Michael Fielding   //   Reference  //  Comments Off on Rights

A Right is a legal entitlement for your IP (e.g. an invention, trademark or design) which excludes others from performing the same action or acquiring the same creation. Rights exist in one Region, but there may be several Rights in different regions within the same Family.

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