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Release 88

Aug 3, 2016   //   by Michael Fielding   //   Release Notes  //  Comments Off on Release 88


  • Portfolio Administrators can now restore Snapshots to revert back to a backup previously taken at a specific point in time. You can still download Snapshots yourself and store them on your own system if you like.

  • The newly-introduced Unfiled Notes tab now automatically refreshes when it opens, and has a Refresh button so that you can check for new emails coming in.

  • The Sharing page now shows which users the Portfolio is shared with are verified (i.e. we’ve checked their email address). Unverified users can’t access a shared Portfolio, so this is useful for Portfolio Administrators to know.

  • Other fixes and minor improvements.


Jun 22, 2014   //   by Michael Fielding   //   Reference  //  Comments Off on Reminders

This article explains how the Hawk IP Dashboard email reminder feature works and how you can adjust your personal email reminder settings for each Portfolio.


Note Editor

Apr 23, 2012   //   by Michael Fielding   //   Reference  //  Comments Off on Note Editor

You can attach Notes to Families, Rights and Actions. The Note Editor allows you to view them, and edit them if you have the correct privileges.


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