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Release 51

Dec 14, 2014   //   by Michael Fielding   //   Release Notes  //  Comments Off on Release 51


  • Several Tables now have a document count column (“Docs”), showing how many Documents there are associated with each entry. Double-clicking on a cell will open a nested table with those Documents in it.
  • The above changes and some complex behind-the-scenes changes are the first step towards the planned feature of being able to drag and drop documents directly onto Families, Rights, Actions and Notes.

Known Issues

Note Editor

Apr 23, 2012   //   by Michael Fielding   //   Reference  //  Comments Off on Note Editor

You can attach Notes to Families, Rights and Actions. The Note Editor allows you to view them, and edit them if you have the correct privileges.


r1278 Released

Feb 20, 2012   //   by Michael Fielding   //   Release Notes  //  Comments Off on r1278 Released


  • Clicking on uploaded Documents now opens them in a new window.
  • Documents uploaded into a Note can be opened and deleted straight after uploading.
  • Deleted Documents are now backed up for 30 days in case a manual recovery is required.
  • Reduced the number of requests on the server when changing tabs.


  • File download problems with Chrome browser (see Chrome issue).
  • Sending a Note by email from the Note Editor now includes links to all documents, including those just added.
  • Some buttons weren’t displaying correctly in IE.

Known Issues

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