Release 16

Updated Feb 23, 2014   //   Release Notes


  • The Dashboard now supports four new IP Types in addition to the previous support for Inventions: Trademarks and Designs, including External Trademarks and External Designs.
  • The Action Settings now include Actions for filing opposition and responding to opposition to the grant of a Right.
  • Improved keyboard navigation between pages of a table.
  • Improved keyboard navigation into and out of dropdown tables.
  • Edited cells now automatically select the content, improving editing speed and convenience.
  • Searching in the Actions tab will now also return results where the search text appears in the Family‘s Name field, and in the Right‘s Number field.
  • Search speed improvements in several tables.
  • The Tag Editor autocomplete list no longer automatically pre-selects Tags when the mouse goes over them – you have to click.


  • Problems with the Select All checkbox in¬†dropdown tables.

Known Issues

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