r960 Released

Updated Nov 16, 2011   //   Release Notes

New and Improved

  • More information is displayed in the popup notifications when fields are edited.
  • Data can be edited across multiple portfolios in one request, assuming that the user has the required privileges on all the portfolios.
  • Stateless REST-like API access is now possible via a secure key. Contact us for more information – this is not possible to set up through the UI yet and is not documented. Note: the API access is granted to a special Users and so unless you grant one of those Users access to your Portfolio(s), there is no way for an API access to occur on your data.
  • Tags page formatting adjusted slightly.
  • Workflow editor now includes a special Status [Show All] which shows all the Operations and Outcomes for that Workflow.


  • Can now delete multiple portfolios at once.
  • Corrected Content-Type HTTP header for several URIs.

Known Issues

See this post.

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