r913 Released

Updated Nov 7, 2011   //   Release Notes


  • Reduced number of database calls required for certain changes, such as changing the Priority date or Grant Date of a Family, which should improve the response speed of several operations.
  • Fixes problems with updating Portfolio information or deleting them.
  • Fixed problem with uploading larger documents.
  • Improved speed of searching through Tags (e.g. while checking to see if one’s code can be changed).
  • Disallows clearing Priority date when there are related Rights with Filing dates.
  • Last IP address is now reported at login.
  • Possible now to also NOT set a Landmark type for a Status.

Known Issues

  • Kind codes of national phase validations of a granted European Patent are not recognised as granted.
  • Returning back through patent import process can break the import. Start again if this happens.
  • Some modifications do not cause a reload of tables in the user interface (e.g. changing Priority Date does not cause Actions Table to reload).

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