r895 Released

Updated Oct 28, 2011   //   Release Notes


  • Reinstates Patent Family importing functionality after service provider data format changes.
  • Changed Settings menu items.
  • New “Documents” tab on main Dashboard page.
  • Fixes problems deleting Rights with multiple Actions against them.
  • Greater flexibility and robustness in Patent number translations between different formats. The database of known translations will continue to grow.
  • Publication numbers now shown in Original format where possible, not DOCDB format (much more natural and recognisable).
  • Fixes IE8 displaying buttons in green rather than grey.
  • Improved error reporting to end user.
  • Improved popup notices given to end user when database changes are made.
  • Fixes potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Minor cosmetic improvements in some places, select all checkbox works better, esp. interaction with Delete buttons.

Known Issues

  • Kind codes of national phase validations of a granted European Patent are not recognised as granted.
  • Returning back through patent import process can break the import. Start again if this happens.
  • Some modifications do not cause a reload of tables in the user interface (e.g. changing Priority Date does not cause Actions Table to reload).

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