r838 Released

Updated Oct 5, 2011   //   Release Notes


  • Application, Grant and Priority Dates, either set during importing or from the Families or Rights tables, now correctly create, update or delete the appropriate Actions. More.
  • Tag page now tells you which Tag Type is selected.
  • Tag autocomplete inputs now give more information about the available Tags for non-People Tags (e.g. Address, Description fields).
  • External Invention Workflow is available.
  • Table columns are now reordered ‘on the fly’ when column order is changed in columns dropdown customizer.
  • Cosmetic improvements (completed Actions).
  • Last login time corrected and now shown on main Portfolio screen if redirected there.

Known Issues

  • Some countries’ granted patent kind codes being validations of a granted EP are not recognised as granted.
  • Returning back through patent import process can break the import. Start again if this happens.
  • Some error messages may be hidden from the user, and replaced by a generic message.
  • Some modifications do not cause a reload of tables in the user interface (e.g. changing Priority Date does not cause Actions Table to reload).
  • Deleting a Right with multiple Actions against it can cause an error. Workaround is to delete the Actions first, then delete the Right.
  • Does not work in IE8 due to IE8’s non-standard Javascript.

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