r1407 Released

Updated May 21, 2012   //   Release Notes


  • Row and Column dropdown settings now have a handle at the top to indicate that they can be dragged (fixes a problem with Chrome browser):

  • Tag styles are now nicer: .
  • Tag metadata can now be edited inline in the Tag popup (double-click on text or the pencil icon):

  • When Views are saved for a table which shows data from one Portfolio, the View is saved only for that Portfolio.
  • Table columns now resize when columns are hidden or shown.
  • There is a loading indicator while the My Portfolios panel is loaded from the server.
  • An arrow indicates cells which can be double-clicked to open a dropdown row:


  • If a ‘Before’ time was not given when filtering Notes using the Rows feature, the time was assumed to be midnight at the beginning of the day (now it’s the end).

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