r1342 Released

Updated Apr 10, 2012   //   Release Notes


  • Improvements to the storage of special characters (e.g. €, ¥, ©, ⇒ or ∞) means these can now be searched for.
  • Rights lists in the Families view now show region flags.
  • More obvious table updates (increased visibility of their color change).
  • Allow user sessions to float between redundant servers (allows automatic failover in event of server failure).
  • Help tooltips don’t get in the way so much.


  • Loading and saving of views.
  • Searching problems in Families table.
  • Sorting of Priority, Grant and Filed dates, and Action dates, now considers empty dates to come after any other date.
  • Family table Actions column was not including the incomplete Actions for the individual Rights in the Family when a new Action was added.

Known Issues

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