r1242 Released

Updated Feb 6, 2012   //   Release Notes


  • Audit Note summaries now include the name of the thing being modified, and text search can be used to find Audit Notes based on this summary.
  • Audit Notes are now coloured (green, grey, or red) depending on the action being recorded, and the Audit column (normally hidden) says Created, Updated, Deleted or User rather than 0 or 1.
  • Copy to clipboard now separates multiple Tags with a comma to improve paste-to-spreadsheet. Commas are no longer allowed in Tags.
  • /read/ API now allows specification of Tag subfields, e.g.: /family/read/[portfolio]/[id]/associations.People.Inventor
  • Page titles and Dashboard layout are improved.


  • Sometimes the wrong audit Note was being updated after a deletion
  • Some buttons not appearing correctly in Internet Explorer.
  • Problems deleting table entries when selections were made in multiple tables.
  • Some UI updates after a deletion were not working.

Known Issues

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