r1207 Released

Updated Jan 20, 2012   //   Release Notes


  • Actions can now have times. If not supplied, the time defaults to 23:59:59, i.e. the end of the day, for deadlines and completion times. That time is not shown (to avoid crowding the screen unnecessarily for those customers who don’t care about recording exact times, or when no exact time is provided).
  • Times can be entered with a specific timezone, and are then converted to the Portfolio’s timezone.
  • API: actions/list: supplying GET parameters ‘open’, ‘closed’, ‘overdue’, ‘now’, ‘soon’, ‘future’, ‘tasks’, ‘after’ or ‘before’ will filter the Actions returned. ‘after’ and ‘before’ work on the date and can accept human friendly relative dates, e.g. ‘today’.
  • API: notes/list: supplying GET parameters ‘user’, ‘audit’, ‘before’ or ‘after’ can be used to filter the Notes returned.


  • User settings permissions error when changing visible columns.

Known Issues

  • See this post.
  • Changes to Actions (date, Outcome) don’t change their colouring until the table is refreshed (e.g. resort it, or switch away from the Actions tab and back to it).

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