r1204 Released

Updated Jan 16, 2012   //   Release Notes


  • Dropdown nested tables are now clearer and table toolbar is more compact.
  • Creating Notes, Actions etc. new immediately updates any dropdown nested tables.
  • Only copy visible table columns.
  • Clarified Action statuses (e.g. ‘Soon’, ‘Future’) in UI, and added tooltips to explain.
  • Various minor UI improvements to improve clarity.
  • Default Action Relationships for People Tags now includes “Working On It” and “Supervising”, rather than “Responsible” and “Manager”.


  • Deleting Actions giving an error.
  • Copy to clipboard Tag columns showing both a Relationship and a Tag (e.g. Inventor:Smith).
  • Layout of the Tag Editor popup when used in dropdown nested tables or if long relationships were used.

Known Issues

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