r1191 Released

Updated Jan 13, 2012   //   Release Notes


  • Can now click anywhere in tabs and tab is selected, not just on the text.
  • Closing a Note takes you to the Notes tab, not the Documents tab.
  • More friendly error messages when trying to edit something you don’t have privileges for.


  • Access privilege error when updating Notes in the Notes table.
  • Clearing Outcomes wasn’t immediately updating the Action Map for Rights, Families or the Portfolio (setting worked fine).
  • Adding/deleting Rights wasn’t immediately updating the list of Rights in the Families table.
  • Update Family giving error when selected from the Options menu in the Rights table.

Known Issues

  • Importing tool issues
  • Some non-ASCII characters don’t get displayed correctly.
  • Changing Actions doesn’t immediately update the formatting applied to them in the Actions table.

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