r1143 Released

Updated Dec 29, 2011   //   Release Notes


  • Page selection links above all tables now highlight which page you’re on.
  • New ‘Add Note’ menu item.
  • Many more nested table options.
  • Menu layout improved.
  • Family Description and Note Content now preserve carriage returns and double (or more) spaces.
  • An API ‘list’ method is now available from each object’s controller (e.g. /right/list, /family/list).
  • Audit Notes, which record changes to Families, Rights and Actions, are now saved in human+machine-readable YAML format. Publications are now also saved in the Audit Notes.


  • Attempting to access a page when not logged in will now redirect you to login, then correctly redirect you back to the page you originally wanted.
  • Spurious Portfolios appearing in Chrome.
  • Problems showing some Action Maps.
  • Problems creating Roles for Users in Portfolios.
  • Problems with viewing Audit Notes (were claiming to have been saved).

Known Issues

  • Notes opened with ‘Add Note’ have wrong name on their tabs.
  • See this release note.

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