r1110 Released

Updated Dec 21, 2011   //   Release Notes


  • Action Map tooltips (showing upcoming Actions) now show Tags attached to each Action, a title to the tooltip, and work on the Action Maps in the Dashboard homepage.
  • User news (Twitter) widget now only shows the latest four entries.
  • Much faster Action Map calculation speeds up overall server response times.
  • Better Publication rendering when not all information is supplied. Publication links work with either EPODOC or DOCDB formats supplied. EPODOC format is calculated where possible from the Original format Publication numbers.


  • Problems which crept in with the signup process and Portfolio creation.
  • Out of memory crash when very large portfolios are opened.
  • Action Map tooltip showing Tasks (Actions with no deadline) before Actions with deadlines.
  • EPODOC conversion of PCT Publication numbers wasn’t quite correct.

Known Issues

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