r1074 Released

Updated Dec 14, 2011   //   Release Notes

New & Improved

  • Complete redesign of how Actions work, to make it much simpler to understand and use.
  • Family and Right status is now indicated by Status Tags, of which there can be more than one at a time. These also work in just the same way as other Tags, and you can customize your own description and add your own.
  • Optimized edit-refresh cycle so that much fewer requests are required after an edit, improving responsiveness.
  • Edits now cause a flashing effect on any table cells which have changed as a result, even on different tables.
  • You can now use a bookmarklet to import from Espacenet, USPTO and Google Patents. The Bookmarklet page now tells you which sites are currently supported.
  • There is a Twitter widget on the Dashboard page with the latest news from @hawkipdashboard.
  • More help on the Dashboard page.


  • [Partially] Redrawing tables when edits are made, see below.
  • Updating Tags correctly refreshes other table columns showing the same Tag (e.g. in a different way).

Known Issues

  • Returning back through patent import process can break the import. Start again if this happens.
  • Adding, deleting or modifying some entries does not redraw the on-screen tables correctly. We have done a great deal of work on upgrading this functionality and it will be fully working very soon.

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