r1012 Released

Updated Nov 29, 2011   //   Release Notes

New & Improved

  • Can now edit Right Publications manually.
  • Can now rename Tags that are in use (previously could only rename them when they weren’t used).
  • Popup Tag metadata in all the different Tag column views. ‘Tags’ tags are shown by default.
  • Popup change notifications now show more friendly names for the edited object.
  • Improvements for column customization dialog (can now select All even if there is only one Relationship type).
  • Better responsiveness and lower bandwidth in main Dashboard screen.


  • Problem when deleting a Tag Type.
  • Various problems with nested tables within the Families table (still experimental).
  • Incorrect reporting of number entries a table is filtered down from.
  • Incorrect popup notification colours in IE.
  • Not updating Action preview correctly when Actions were edited.
  • Content-Type header for certain API calls, and improve error messages when invalid data are requested.
  • Improved handling of timeouts and certain faults when looking for new Patents to import, and when importing Patents with certain rare data formats (e.g. EP 0740948).

Known Issues

  • Bookmarklet for importing Patent data is provided, but it is inoperable and not documented.
  • Workflow diagrams are not visible in Internet Explorer.
  • Kind codes of national phase validations of a granted European Patent are not recognised as granted.
  • Returning back through patent import process can break the import. Start again if this happens.
  • Some modifications do not cause a reload of tables in the user interface (e.g. changing Priority Date does not cause Actions Table to reload).

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