Your Portfolios

Updated Apr 19, 2012   //   Reference

Your Portfolios shows you all the Portfolios you have access to – Portfolios you own as well as those that are shared with you

Click on a Portfolio’s ’tile’ to open it. There is also a popup menu which gives you quick access to some of the Portfolio-specific tools.

Each Portfolio’s tile shows you:

  • The name of the Portfolio
  • The description assigned to the Portfolio.
  • A few details about the size of the Portfolio – the number of IP Families and Documents for example.
  • The number of incomplete Actions in the Portfolio, and an indication of their urgency.
  • Hovering over the incomplete Actions part of the tile popus up an Action Map for the Portfolio. This gives you an idea when any Actions in the next 60 days are due.
Switch to the Manage Portfolios tab to create or delete Portfolios.

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