Tag Settings

Updated May 1, 2012   //   Reference

The Tag Settings page (Settings -> Tags) is were you can change what Tag Types a Portfolio has, and manage its Tags.


The Tag settings page has two parts:


  • The top part is the Tag Types table, where you can configure the Tag Types which are available in the Portfolio.
  • The bottom part is the Tags themselves, where you can add, delete and edit Tags for the currently selected Tag Type in the top table.

Selecting a Tag Type will update the bottom table to show the known Tags of that Tag Type.

Tag Types

You can Add and delete Tag Types using the table buttons, and edit the Tag Types table columns just like any other table.


The Relationships fields contain, separated by commas, the Relationships which are suggested for Tags of that type, for example Inventor, Attorney or Assignee. Different Relationships can be suggested for different Dashboard entities:


You can edit these directly, and new ones can be added through the Tag Editor.

Data Definition

The data definition field contains a list, separated by commas, of the fields which are available for Tags of that type, for example, Email address, Description or Value:


Putting an asterisk (*) after a field in the Data Definition makes that field ‘required’. Tags can’t be created in the Tag Editor without that field being filled in.


The Tags Table only shows one Tag Type at a time – select the Tag Type to show by selecting a row in the Tag Type table above. You can add, edit and delete Tags. When you edit a Tag, all the uses of that Tag (e.g. in Families and Rights) get updated too. When you delete a Tag, the Tag is removed from all entries which use it.

The Tag column is the Tag’s name:


The remaining columns show the Tag fields, which are customizable using the Data Definition as described above.

Some Tag details fields may be set to be ‘required’ – you won’t be able to erase them once they’re set, but you can change them.

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