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Updated May 1, 2012   //   Reference

There is a helpful editor for applying and removing Tags from Dashboard entries. This article explains it.


Editing certain Tag columns (by double-clicking on them) will, depending on what sort of Tag column you edit, bring up the Tag Editor:

The Tag Editor has one or more auto-completing boxes, one for each Relationship which is relevant to the field. The example above has boxes for Inventor, Attorney and Manager because a People Tags field is being edited. If you show an Inventor field (which shows only the Inventors in the People field), then the Tag Editor will only have the Inventor box when it’s edited.

Enter one or more Tags into the auto-completing boxes, separated by commas. As you type, a menu will drop down with the current Tags of that Tag Type in, and you can select Tags from it:

When you’ve finished, press <enter> (or <escape> if you want to cancel the edit) or use the buttons on the Tag Editor to close it.

You can also enter Tags in the form Relationship:Tag directly into the input box within the cell being edited.

New Tags

If you enter a Tag which isn’t already known into the auto-completing boxes, a new section appears in the Tag Editor to allow you to add details about the new Tag:

What details are stored about each Tag are configured on the Tag Settings page. Some details may be required, in which case you cannot close the Tag Editor without filling them in.

New Relationships

You can quickly new Relationships. For example you may want to add a colleague as a ‘Champion’ of a Family. Enter the new Relationship in the space below the existing Relationships in the Tag Editor:

You can add as many Relationships as you want this way, and you can use new or existing Tags.

Relationships you add here will be remembered and offered again next time you edit Tags of the same Tag Type on the same data type (Family, Right etc.).

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