Table Views

Updated May 1, 2012   //   Reference

Views are saved setups for viewing tables. You can customize table columns and rows to show what you want, then save a View so that you can load it later. This article explains how.


Views are saved settings which can be restored at a later time, and comprise:

  • column settings (order, visibility), and
  • row filter settings.

Views are especially useful if you want to produce reports or export data. For example, you could view a table showing all your Families with individual columns for each Inventor.

You can save as many views as you need, and restore them with a couple of clicks.

Views Menu

In tables which support saved Views, there is a Views button in the toolbar above the table:


Clicking the button will open the Views menu, which has options to open, save and delete your saved views:


Default View

If there is a view called Default, then it is used whenever a new table is created, for example when you open nested tables or return to the Dashboard page.

There is an option to save the current view as Default.

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