Table Row Filtering

Updated Apr 30, 2012   //   Reference

It is easy to apply different filters to many tables to change which entries (rows) they show. The filters can be saved in Views.


To change which entries are shown in a table, click the Rows button in the toolbar above the table:

Note that some tables don’t have different filtering options, and so don’t have the Rows button.

Showing or hiding rows

When you click on the Rows button you get a dropdown box for adjusting that table’s filters. The dropdown box is draggable so you can move it if it’s in the way.

Hovering the mouse over a filtering option will bring up a tip with a more detailed explanation of what it does.


Checkbox options are almost self-explanatory – checking the checkbox enables showing of those entries. Note that if you clear all the checkboxes, all the entries are shown.

Date criteria

Clicking in a date field will bring up a date picker. As usual with dates, you can enter a time and even a timezone, and use human-speak.

Don’t forget you can search for text in many fields at once using the search box. See the article on Table Features for more details.

Saving filter settings

You can save and load your row settings as part of a View.

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