Table Column Customization

Updated Apr 23, 2012   //   Reference

The columns in most Dashboard tables can be shown, hidden and re-ordered to suit your needs and preferences.


Click the Columns button, which sits in the toolbar above most tables, to customize the columns which are shown:

Showing or hiding columns

Columns are shown or hidden by simply checking or unchecking the checkboxes in the Columns dropdown box which appears:


You can drag the dropdown box to a new location if it’s in the way.

Changing column order

Drag and drop the columns into the order that you want them:


Customizing Tag columns

You can display Tags in a number of different ways, by adding them as special columns using the Advanced >> button. Please see the dedicated help page on customizing Tag columns for more information.

Saving customizations

You can save and load your favourite column settings as part of a View.

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