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The Snapshots page (Settings -> Snapshots) allows you to create, delete, restore and download Snapshots of your Portfolio.

Not every Portfolio subscription plan allows Snapshots – you may need to upgrade your subscription to make Snapshots. Only Portfolio Editors and Administrators can view, create or download Snapshots.


Snapshots are a point-in-time backup of your Portfolio. They contain:

  • Families, Rights, Actions, Notes
  • Documents
  • Tags
  • Sharing settings (i.e. which Users can access the Portfolio)

It is possible for Portfolio Administrators to restore a Portfolio from a Snapshot, or for you to use the data for another purpose.

Creating Snapshots

Press the Add button above the table and the creation of a Snapshot will be queued. It can several minutes to create a snapshot, and can take half an hour or more if there are large numbers of documents stored.

NEVER edit or allow others to edit your Portfolio while the Snapshot is being taken. Doing so will create an inconsistent Snapshot.

The table will automatically refresh periodically, so you can see when the snapshot status changes from Started to Completed.

You can edit your own Description of the Snapshot in the Description column:

Downloading Snapshots

Click on the link in the left-most column to download your Snapshot when it’s completed:

The Snapshot is a ZIP file containing CSV (spreadsheet) files- the format is explained in the FAQ.

Deleting Snapshots

Select one or more Snapshots in the table and press the Delete button above the table.

Restoring Snapshots

Click the dropdown row menu on the Snapshot you want to restore, and choose Restore to new Portfolio….

If you have sufficient access rights to the Portfolio you will be taken to the Restore Snapshot page.


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