Updated May 1, 2012   //   Reference

Portfolios can be shared with other users, so that they can view the Portfolio or collaborate with you.


The Settings -> Sharing page allows you to add any number of users to a Portfolio. You need to be an Administrator of the Portfolio to view or change the Sharing settings.

Add and delete users from the Portfolio using the usual add and delete buttons.

After adding a user, or later, you can edit the email column to select a user.

When you enter an email address, it must match an existing Dashboard user. If the person you want to share the Portfolio with isn’t already a Dashboard user, you can invite them first – see below.


Editing the Role column will bring up a menu from which you can select the appropriate privileges for the user:


You can configure the monthly and weekly reminders for each user as well. Generally it might be a good idea to let them choose, but this can be useful for inexperienced users.

Inviting new users

Below the sharing table there is a section to use to invite new users to create their own login. Enter their details and hit the Invite button:

Once a user is invited, you don’t have to wait till they have accepted the invitation to share with them – you can add them into the sharing table immediately.

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