Restore Snapshot

Updated Aug 3, 2016   //   Reference

Restoring a Snapshot allows you to go back to a previous state of your Portfolio, for example if you accidentally deleted some Actions or Documents.

Restore Snapshot page

The Restore Snapshot page allows you to create a new Portfolio using the Snapshot you chose from the Snapshots table.

Provide a Name and a Description for the new Portfolio which will be created, then press the Restore button.

The new Portfolio will be created in the background – you will see it on your Portfolio Overview page, but you won’t be able to navigate into it until the Restore is completed. You could use the Columns button above the Manage Portfolios table to make the Status column visible.

In the unlikely event that the Portfolio doesn’t appear in the Portfolio Overview, or disappears, then there was a problem Restoring it – please contact support to resolve it.


The restored Portfolio will be a completely new, independent, Portfolio under your name and on the same subscription plan as the Portfolio is now – and therefore will incur charges if the existing Portfolio does.

You should therefore decide whether you want to keep the original or the restored Portfolio, make any changes/corrections in the Portfolio you want to keep, and then delete the other one. (Any Snapshots in the Portfolio you delete will also be deleted – you may want to download them to your own computer first.)

While you may be charged immediately for the new (restored) Portfolio, when you delete a Portfolio any unused billing period is credited back to reduce your next invoice. This means that you’re effectively only charged extra for the time when both Portfolios are in use.

Delete the Portfolio you don’t want to keep as soon as possible, to minimise any extra charges from maintaining two Portfolios.

Restoring from downloaded Snapshots

Contact support if you want to restore a Portfolio from a Snapshot you’ve downloaded and saved yourself.

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