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This article explains how the Hawk IP Dashboard email reminder feature works and how you can adjust your personal email reminder settings for each Portfolio.


The Hawk IP Dashboard can email you every week or month to remind you about all the incomplete Actions in each Portfolio you have access to. You get a separate email for every Portfolio where you have Reminders enabled, and the email will include a table of all the incomplete Actions for that Portfolio.

Read why the Hawk IP Dashboard Reminder feature is different from typical IP management tools.

Reminder schedule

Weekly Reminders will generally be waiting for you on Monday morning, and monthly reminders are sent on the last day of the month. The time you’ll get depends on which timezone you’re in:

Reminder When sending starts
Weekly 0700 UTC every Sunday
Monthly 0000 UTC every 1st of the month

Configuring your own Reminders

Configure the Reminders you get on the Details and Reminders tab of the Your Portfolios page:

The table has Weekly Reminder and Monthly Reminder columns, to configure the corresponding Reminder for each Portfolio:

Editing each cell will display a list of options for this reminder:

In the example above, the Weekly or Monthly Reminder email will be sent if there are any Overdue Actions, or any due within the next 14 days. If there are no Overdue Actions and no Actions with a deadline date within the next 14 days, then no email reminder will be sent.

Configuring other Users’ Reminders

Administrators can change other Users’ Reminder settings on the Portfolio Settings -> Sharing page.

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