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Notes record the history of Portfolios, Families, Rights and Actions. They can include text and Documents.

Notes are the place to record more detail about the Actions which have happened, or need to happen, and to upload Documents which you want to store in your Portfolio.

Note types

There are three different types of Note, any or all of which can be shown in any Notes table:

  • User Notes are created and edited by Users.
  • Email Notes are created from emails sent to a special address associated with your Portfolio.
  • Audit Notes are automatically added when you edit fields in the Dashboard, and cannot be created, edited or deleted manually. By default they’re not shown, but you can show them by changing the row filtering (see Filtering Notes below).

Email Notes

Each Portfolio has a unique email address, which looks something like Any email sent to that address by a registered User will appear in the Unfiled Notes panel which slides out from the right side of your Portfolio’s main window (below).

The unique email address for each Portfolio is found in the box at the top of the Unfiled Notes tab.
Emails are only accepted from email addresses belonging to Users with Editor or Administrator access to the Portfolio. Also the unique email addresses include an unguessable mix of characters so that spammers etc. can’t guess any Portfolio’s address.

Filing Email Notes

Drag a row in the Unfiled Notes tab onto a Family, Right or Action in the main window to file it under that entity. Any Documents attached to the email will stay with it, and appear in the Documents for the entity you’ve dragged it onto.


Filtering Notes

You can change which Notes are shown using the Rows button to show the menu below. You can also change which columns are shown using the Columns button.

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