Note Editor

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You can attach Notes to Families, Rights and Actions. The Note Editor allows you to view them, and edit them if you have the correct privileges.

There is are Note Editor tabs in the main Dashboard screen for each Note which you have open:

If you leave the page, for example when logging out or viewing another Portfolio, the Notes will automatically reopen when you return. Use the Close Note button in the Note Editor to close each Note when you’re done.

Changes you make to open Notes are saved automatically.

Notes can have Documents attached to them. These documents are securely and reliably stored online.
Only one user can have any given Note open for editing at a time. If the note is an audit note, or someone else has it open, then you cannot modify it and saving is disabled.

Note actions

The menu in the Note Editor allows you to take some Actions on them.

Send by Email

The Send by Email button will compose a new email in your normal email program.

Documents are not embedded directly, but are replaced with links to them as they exist in the Dashboard. Therefore only authorized users of the Portfolio can
access the document, even if the email is intercepted or forwarded
The subject line, body and file names are not protected in the email. We recommend that highly confidential information should be put into Documents which are attached to Notes, if the Notes are going to be emailed.
People Tags get converted to email addressees – the email address associated with the People Tag is used. You can edit these Tags from the Settings/Tags menu.



The Title appears as a column in the Notes table. Use this as a summary of the Note.


Use this to note down your thoughts, records, work done etc. Only an excerpt of the Content appears in the Notes table.


Use this field to tag the Note with People. This is useful mainly when the Note is going to be sent in an email – the People here will be recipients.


Any number of Documents can be attached to a Note by pressing the Upload a File button.

In many modern web browsers you can simply drag and drop files into the Documents panel. We recommend Chrome, Firefox and Safari for this.
Documents are stored in secure online storage with multiple redundancy to ensure confidentiality and continuous availability. Find out more about data storage and security.
Documents are downloadable only by authorized users of the Portfolio they reside in.

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