Editing Fields

Updated May 1, 2012   //   Reference

This article explains how to edit table cells (data fields) in the Dashboard.


You double-click a table cell to edit it, or press enter when it has the blue focus rectangle around it:

To finish editing a field:

  • press <enter> to save the change, or click somewhere outside the table cell;
  • press <escape> to cancel the change.
In multi-line text fields the enter key adds a new line – to save the change, click somewhere else.


You need Editor or Administrator access to edit a Portfolio – Viewers can’t edit anything.

Tag fields

There are four different ways Tags can be shown and edited, and each one is edited slightly differently. These are explained in the Tag Column Customization article.

Summary fields

Some fields which show information about related entries, such as Action Map columns, open a new nested table when they’re double-clicked. From the nested table you can edit the relevant entries, and the summary field will update. You will see a small triangle in a cell if it opens a nested table when double-clicked or <enter> is pressed, like this:

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