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You can easily attach Documents to a Family, Right, Action or Note, by simply dragging them from your local computer onto the relevant record in a table.

When you drag a file over a place where you can attach it as a Document, the item gets a thick dashed line around it like in the picture below.

DragAndDropScreenShotYou can drag and drop multiple Documents at the same time.

Seeing Documents

By default there is a column ‘Docs’ in each table which shows the number of Documents attached directly or indirectly to that item. (For example if a Family has an Action, and a Document is attached to that Action, the ‘Docs’ count for the Family also includes the Document attached to the Action.)

You can double-click that number to open a drop-down table for the attached Documents.


Click on the linked File Name column in a Documents table to download the file.

Deleting Documents

As in other tables, select one or more Documents in a Documents table hit the trash can icon to delete them.

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