Dates and Times

Updated Apr 27, 2012   //   Reference

This article explains how to enter dates and times, and how the Dashboard handles different timezones.

Intellectual Property is a global business, and frequently you want to record a deadline or event in a different timezone to your own – for example a 5pm deadline in Japan when you’re on Central European Time. Another common scenario is that users are spread across different timezones. For this reason the Dashboard is capable of interpreting dates and times with timezone information.

Portfolio timezones

Each Portfolio has a timezone.You set the timezone in the Portfolio Management tab of your personal dashboard, and it appears in the menu bar when a Portfolio is open:

Times and dates are always shown in the Portfolio’s timezone, not the user’s timezone nor the timezone they were entered in if a particular timezone was used.

You’ll get a warning message when you open a Portfolio with a different timezone to your own. Your own timezone can be changed in your Profile.

Entering dates

When you edit a date field such as the Priority Date of a Family or the Grant Date of a Right, the date picker pops up:


  • You can select the date using the picker, or you can enter it directly into the input box with the keyboard.
  • Human-friendly dates are recognised, e.g. ‘yesterday’, ‘next Friday’. Find some examples here.
  • Press escape to cancel editing the date, if you don’t want to save your change.
  • Change the year and month using either the arrows at the top corners or the dropdown boxes at the top of the left-most month.

Entering date/times

When you edit a datetime field, such as the Date of an Action, the datetime picker pops up. It’s an enhanced version of the datepicker just described:


  • The tips above regarding editing dates also apply.
  • To set the hours and minutes, either slide the sliders or click on the numbers underneath them – or type the date and time into the input box.
  • Human-friendly dates and times can also be entered, e.g. ‘midday 5th March’.
  • If a time isn’t set, it’s assumed to be 23:59 (i.e. 11:59pm).
  • If a timezone isn’t entered into the input box, the Portfolio’s timezone is assumed.

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