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The Settings -> Calendars page within a Portfolio allows you to obtain links to Calanders of Actions in a particular Portfolio. There are different links available which display all the Actions, only the Incomplete ones, or only the Closed ones.

Instructions for some popular calendar software are below.

Instructions for Microsoft Outlook 2010+

Open the Calendar view and locate the Open Calendar button on the Home tab. Select From Internet…

Paste one of the above links into the dialog box:

Confirm that you’d like to add the Calendar to Outlook:

Instructions for Mozilla Thunderbird (with Lightning addon)

Create a new Calendar using File -> New -> Calendar…

Select On The Network.

Paste one of the links above into the Location field. Leave the Format as iCalendar (ICS).

Add a name for the Portfolio, and confirm the Next button and the Finish button in the next dialog box.

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