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Actions are activities which have been, or still need to be, carried out.

Actions can be attached to Families or Rights. Actions attached to a Right show up as Actions for the Right’s Family too, and all Actions show up as Actions for the Portfolio they’re in. This means when you look at the Actions for a Family, you see the Actions for it as well as all the Rights in it.

Outcomes and Operations

Actions have an Operation, which describes the activity which must be carried out, and when they’re completed they get an Outcome and a completion date. Which Operations and Outcomes are applicable to the Family or Right depend on their IP Type, and are determined by the Action Settings.

Action Dates

Actions have a date field, which is used both:

  1. to set an optional deadline for Actions which are Incomplete (i.e. those without an Outcome); and
  2. to record the completion date for completed Actions.

Incomplete Actions which don’t have a deadline are sometimes called Tasks – these are things which have to be done sometime, but not by any particular time. Actions such as writing an invention disclosure or preparing an application might not have deadlines, for example (although perhaps you might want to set a deadline, it’s up to you). You can add, delete or change a deadline whenever you want to.

Dates can optionally have a time, including a timezone if you want. By default any times entered are assumed to be in the Portfolio’s timezone – if another timezone is selected then the date and time are converted to the Portfolio’s timezone. Find out more about Dates and Times.

Action Statuses

The Status of an Action is determined by whether it’s completed and it’s deadline (if any), relative to today.

  • Closed – it has been completed
  • Overdue – the deadline is in the past
  • Now – the deadline is within the next 7 days
  • Soon – the deadline is between 7 and 30 days out
  • Future – the deadline is beyond 30 days out
  • Task – there is no deadline

The Status of Actions determines the colouring and icons used to display them:

Action Maps

Portfolios, Families and Rights tables show a preview of the incomplete Actions, called an Action Map.

Field Reference

To edit/change
Date of action.YYYY-MM-DD
Office action taken for the Right.“Pay renewal fee”
Drop-down list of possible operations
Outcome of operation; selection linked to input in Operations field.“Paid”
Drop-down list of possible outcomes
Contact details for inventor, manager and attorney.“KW”
Double click
(remember to save!)

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