Action Maps

Updated Apr 19, 2012   //   Reference

An Action Map is a summary of any Incomplete Actions for a Portfolio, Family or Right.

Action Maps appear in tables and also in the Your Portfolios tiles as shown here:

Action Counts

Each Action Map shows the number of Actions which are:

  • Overdue – the deadline has passed
  • Due Now – the deadline is within the next 7 days
  • Due Soon – the deadline is 7 – 30 days away
  • More – the deadline is more than 30 days away, or there is no deadline.

Action Map Timeline

At the bottom of each Action Map is a timeline which illustrates the deadlines within the next 60 days. The left edge is today while the right edge is 60 days in the future. The carets indicate when there are deadlines, allowing you to get a very quick idea how many deadlines you have and when they’re coming up.

Carets with numbers on them indicate that there is more than one deadline on the same day.

Action Map Popup

When you hover over an Action Map, a box will pop up showing the five most pressing Incomplete Actions:

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