What is a Snapshot?

Updated Mar 12, 2012   //   Frequently Asked Questions

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A Snapshot is a complete backup of a single Portfolio. It is a Zip file which contains:

  1. your Portfolio data (Families, Rights, Actions and Notes) and settings (Tag Types, Tags and Users) as CSV files, and
  2. your Documents in their original formats, organized according to the Note they were attached to.

By taking and downloading a Snapshot, you can give yourself extra piece of mind that a copy of your entire Portfolio is on your own computer (though you should check out our security and data integrity provisions to put your mind at ease).

A Portfolio’s Administrator can restore a Snapshot, if you ever decide you need to go back to or retrieve something from an old version of your Portfolio.

Get help on how to create, download, restore and delete Snapshots from the Snapshots page inside the Dashboard, or here.

Snapshot Format

The following image shows the structure of the top level of a Snapshot Zip file.

CSV files

Snapshots contain one CSV file for each of the main Dashboard database tables.

The CSV files contain column headings and one row for each entry in the relevant database table. Each row contains an ‘id’ column which is the primary key for that row (the same id which is used to access data through the API). References from one table to another use that primary key.

Note that Tags for each row are stored as JSON-encoded strings in the ‘associations’ column. There is no intermediate joining table for Tags.


The documents directory contains sub-directories for each Document ‘id’, with the actual file for the Document stored in that subdirectory using its natural filename.

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