How reliable is the Hawk IP Dashboard?

Updated Apr 17, 2012   //   Frequently Asked Questions

This page also answers the following questions:

  • What is the service level agreement (SLA) for the Hawk IP Dashboard?
  • Does the Hawk IP Dashboard have downtime?

The historical uptime statistics of the Hawk IP Dashboard are published at

Note that it is quite possible that any given location (for example, your office) may not be able to reach the Dashboard servers if that location has its own internet connection problems (including problems which affect whole areas, or just one internet user).  Therefore Pingdom, who gathers the statistics, uses several servers located at different sites to determine whether it is a problem in just one location, or whether in fact the Dashboard itself has ‘gone down’ and no monitoring servers can reach it.

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) is covered in our Terms of Use.

More information about our reliability and backup provisions is available from the Security page.

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