How do Priority, Filing (aka Application) and Grant Dates interact?

Updated Oct 4, 2011   //   Frequently Asked Questions

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The above Dates are properties of Families and Rights, but they are linked to the dates that particular Actions were completed. Therefore, when you modify the completion dates of certain Actions directly, for example in the Actions Table, the Application, Priority or Grant Dates update too. The reverse is also true; updating the Grant Date will update (or indeed create) the corresponding Action.
In the default Workflow, the following Operation/Outcome combinations link to these Dates:
FamilyFile ApplicationFiledPriority Date
RightFile ApplicationFiledApplication Date/Filing Date
RightRecord Office ActionGrantedGrant Date

Priority Date Behaviour

The Priority Date is the Application Date of the earliest Application. Therefore, when you set or change the Application Date of a Right, the Priority Date will be automatically brought forward to the earliest Application Date.

However, the Priority Date will not be moved backwards when Application Dates are changed. This is because sometimes the Priority Date is known, but the earliest Application was never published as so does not appear in the Dashboard.

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