Can the Dashboard send emails about deadlines?

Updated Apr 14, 2014   //   Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does the Hawk IP Dashboard have an email reminder function?
  • Will the Hawk IP Dashboard remind me about deadlines?
  • How is the Hawk IP Dashboard Reminder feature different from other IP tools?

Yes, the Hawk IP Dashboard can send reminder emails.

Find out how to configure Reminders.

Why are Hawk IP Dashboard Reminders different to other IP tools?

IP management tools typically send reminders at certain intervals ahead of a deadline, for example 3 months, 1 month and 1 week. These are typically configured on a global basis for different deadline types, and individually configured.

The typical system is ideal if your main concern is fulfilling a professional duty to alert clients ahead of a deadline. However, for IP managers it creates a number of problems:

  • It can be confusing and time consuming to configure the reminder intervals.
  • The current ‘state of play’ is spread across multiple emails stretching across potentially several months.
  • Priorities are not obvious because the reminders only give you a very limited view.
  • There is no warning when multiple reminders are about to arrive at once.

The Hawk IP Dashboard Reminder feature has been designed to address these problems by sending regular email reminders whenever there are Actions due soon – where soon is easily configured by each user.

Read more about the Reminder feature.

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